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Why use a 
Bookkeeping Service?

Personal Financial Services & Bill Paying Services For people who don't have the time, we offer personal bill paying services and income monitoring.  Accounting For Everything pays all of your bills, plus reconciles your bank account and credit cards monthly.  On a quarterly or Annual basis we prepare all State and Federal tax documents for your signature and submission.

We closely monitor your credit cards and accounts for fraud and pay your bills timely and accurately.

For select family members we can put together spending plans to help reduce or eliminate unauthorized expenses, and maintain a tight financial rein on student and family members who lack financial control.

This service relieves the individual from having to deal with bills from utilities, mortgage companies, Rent payments, car payments, credit card companies, etc.  We do all of the entry work and then make arrangements for payment according to the service you choose.  We closely monitor your accounts for fraud and maintain accurate records for tax preparation on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Our service can be as detailed as you wish, or limited in scope.  This service relieves you of the mundane and frustrating task of paying your bills and entry of all the necessary bookkeeping details for a fast and accurate preparation of your taxes.  

You've moved up in the world, now you have the ability to move up to a service that makes your life even better. 

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