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Employee Leasing

Employee Leasing allows a company to reduce their payroll expenses while providing better employee benefits.  Essentially Accounting 4 Everything becomes your human resources and payroll department, by shifting many employment responsibilities from the owner of the business to Accounting 4 Everything.  You still choose who to hire, when to fire, you control the employees daily routine.  But when it comes to Federal, State, and Local labor laws, Accounting 4 Everything is responsible for making sure the employer is compliant and that each employee is properly trained, notified, and prepared for employment by your company.

By combining the employees of several similar businesses, we are able to get maximum discounts for Worker’s Compensation Insurance, health Insurance, and other employee benefits.  This use of this buying power can represent a significant discount to you, and because we buy directly from the insurance company, we are able to negotiate the best rate for the maximum benefits.

We operate a 24-hour a day employee hot line that can be used to report hazardous working conditions, safety issues, employee discrimination, sexual Harassment, and other employee complaints.  This will make your business more compliant with labor laws and provides immediate and proper feedback when issues do arise.  We work closely with you and the employee to resolve all issues and make sure that all complaints are properly addressed immediately before any possibility of litigation can begin.

We understand that employee regulations can be burdensome, but they cannot be ignored, or you face the possibility of loosing your entire business.  There are so many regulations that it is nearly impossible for the small business owner to know and understand the implications of each one.  We strive to stay current on all labor law and make sure you are informed as to changes.

As part of the hiring procedure, we verify the employment status of each person and make sure that your company is compliant with all Federal, State, and Local labor laws.  As an option we can provide criminal and employee background searches to make sure the person you are hiring is exactly what they say they are.

Save money, reduce employment burdens and improve employee satisfaction with a better healthcare package and gain additional free time that can be devoted to more important business development and operational issues.

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